Tesa Tape Soluitons for Elevators

There are many opportunities to utilize Tesa tapes for replacement of liquid contact adhesives in panel production for elevators.  According to Richard King, Tesa Specialist, these applicaitons include full tape lamination and tape strip lamination of materials to substrates to cladding of elevator doors.  The elevator OEM's have been using Tesa tape for decades.

As the aesthetics of elevators have changed, so to have the materials and bonding solutions. Tesa is on the front of this evolution and can assist with the development of these products.

An important factor in modern day building construction is the use of "green" products.  Most customers are interested in “green” products that will enable them to get LEED’s certification.  Tesa has provided an official letter regarding this on several of their tapes, and they have a specific piece of literature for elevator manufacturing.  If you don’t have an elevator application, much of this would also apply to architectural cladding applications.

Please contact us with your application questions, and we'll work with you to provide the solution you need.