AMCA CCTThe team at Rudolph Bros. & Co. is proud to announce that Keith Mensing has earned the status of Certified Composites Technician by the ACMA (American Composites Manufacturing Association).

“The CCT program is designed to elevate standards in the industry by enhancing individual performance and recognizing those who demonstrate critical knowledge of the composites industry.  The CCT designation is a noted symbol of education among employers, employees, and industry professionals.  As the industry advances, being a CCT will become increasingly important.”

CCTs are recognized as experts throughout the composites industry. They are role models for their colleagues and co-workers. Certification enhances their professional value within a manufacturing arena that is becoming progressively more competitive and technically demanding.

Program benefits for companies include: Increased productivity, lower production costs, enhanced product quality, improved plant safety, lower employee turnover and a more skilled, forward-looking workforce capable of promoting long-term market growth.

Rudolph Bros. & Co. works with all types of companies involved in the Composite Industry through the use of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and mold release.