It's that magical time of year where snow melts, temperatures warm, and flowers bloom.'s supposed to be.  On the way to the season of warmer days, we often suffer through wet cool conditions.  It's Spring!  It affects us all, but the extremes seem to be magnified here in the midwest and in the northern regions of the country.

This time of year calls from some true diligence in managing our use of sealants, adhesives, resins, and tapes.

     One part moisture curing products will actually cure faster as heaters are turned off and humidity levels rise.

     Two part adhesives will vary in cure speed as cool mornings slow down the cure process and warmer afternoons accelerate it.

     Resin systems, get coats and fiberglass resin systems, will need to have their gel times checked and ratios adjusted.

     Tapes will have less tack in cool mornings and poor adhesion to parts with condensation on them.

Don't forget your molds!  Those cool wet temperatures can wreak havoc on how your mold release performs if you're molding fiberglass.  Mold temps need to be above 60° or you'll likely have sticking issues.  If you have condensation on your will be worse!!!

For all the joy that Spring brings to us in the cold northern half of the country, don't forget to be attentive to the temperature and humidity levels of your production areas and your materials.  If you don't, there will be no joy in your Spring.