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Products for the Electronic Markets

Rudolph Bros. & Co. offers an extensive line of polyurethane potting and encapsulating systems which are low cost, easy to handle and Non-MBOCA Non-TDI based products.

Our polyurethane potting and encapsulation compounds have varying degrees of work life, viscosity, and hardness for many specific potting and encapsulating applications such as modules, strain-sensitive components, transformers, and coils. Several systems are formulated to impart a flame resistance that will meet UL 94 V-O rating in 1/8″ test sample. Others are used specifically for applications where excellent thermal conductivity is required. If you require UL recognized systems, we have several excellent choices used when a device eventually must obtain UL approval. These systems have a UL Electrical Temperature Index rating of 120°C.

All of our potting and encapsulation products exhibit excellent performance when exposed to adverse environments. Operating temperature ranges are between -55°C to +130°C. The outstanding features of these systems are:

  • Low Cost Low Shrinkage
  • Easy to Handle Improved Thermal Shock
  • Low Processing Hazards Low Stress on Embedded Components
  • Non-MBOCA/Non-TDI Excellent Dielectric Properties
  • Fungus Resistance Room and/or Elevated Temperature Curing
  • Low Exotherm UL Recognized Systems, Systems to meet
  • UL94 V-O Flame Resistance Rating


We also offer a line of High Technology Potting, Casting and Molding compounds. These products are two-component, polybutadiene-based liquid urethane casting and potting systems. When reacted these high-technology systems produce tough, stable elastomers, superior in most respects to silicone elastomers. These elastomers have outstanding hydrolytic stability, outstanding electrical properties over a wide temperature range, excellent thermal shock resistance, low temperature elasticity, low exotherm and minimal shrinkage. These properties make these products ideal for such applications as cable molding, cable connectors, underwater protection, strain-sensitive potting, high voltage potting, cryogenic potting or embedment, vibration dampers, sealant bushings, or any area where dependability is of critical importance. Another unique characteristic and subsequent application for these high-technology products is their acoustical similarity to water and use as a transducer potting material. This demanding application requires the hydrolytic stability, acoustic properties, and dielectric properties which these products exhibit