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Products for Mold Making and Tooling

Technologies available:

  • Platinum and Tin Cure Silicone
  • Urethane
  • Epoxy
  • Tooling Board
  • Primers
  • Mold Release Agents 

Silicone Mold Making and Tooling

Rudolph Bros. & Co. mold making compounds are two-component, room temperature-vulcanizing silicone (RTV) rubbers with excellent fidelity of reproduction. We offer suitable grades, condensation and addition cure, for making all kinds of molds, no matter how intricate, and for use with all types of reproduction material, whether wax, plaster, polyester and epoxy resins, urethane foam, or low-melting metal alloy. Thanks to their great flexibility and outstanding release properties, our mold making rubbers separate easily from the model. Their high resin resistance means they can be used over and over again. All of these excellent processing properties make our compounds indispensable for mold making; whether for industrial manufacturers or for artists and craftsmen.

Rudolph Bros. & Co. mold making RTV’s have all the properties that a mold-maker can wish for; the users of these elastic materials range from hobbyists to manufacturers of imitation leather and from archeologists to prototypers. Our comprehensive line of pourable, spreadable and kneadable compounds includes the ideal product for every application. All of our compounds are being successfully used in:


  • Design and working models
  • Preseries models
  • Wax molds
  • Small production runs 

Industrial mass production of

  • Imitation leather
  • Plaster working molds for porcelain and sanitary ceramics
  • Ornamental door, window, mirror and picture frames
  • Costume jewelry, ornamental buttons, chocolates, figures of chocolate, etc.
  • Electroformed parts
  • GRP laminates
  • Architectural products

 Reproductions and copies

  • Museum pieces
  • Archeological findings
  • Hobbyist applications