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Rubber Mold Release from Rudolph Brothers

High Performance Rubber Mold Release

Frekote, a Henkel Brand, is a global leader in mold release technology – Frekote brand release products are designed to meet the unique requirements of the rubber molding market, offering specialized formulations to meet the demand for high mold utilization, ease of application, constant release performance, as well as environmental and safety concerns.

Frekote mold release coatings are designed to deliver a greater number of releases per application and are recommended for all natural and synthetic rubber compounds. The high thermal stability of Frekote release products minimizes mold fouling. Our customers realize higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtime and higher quality products.

Experience superior mold release every time – Frekote products are recommended for releasing all natural and synthetic rubber compounds including silicone. Frekote release coatings do not transfer to your parts; instead, they chemically bond to mold surfaces, ensuring the highest number of releases per application without mold fouling. And since they are semi-permanent, Frekote release coatings eliminate rubber-to-metal bonding failures.

Molders using Frekote release agents report scrap reduction rates of 20% or more versus our competitors’ products – Our customers achieve higher productivity and profitability through reduced downtimes, lower reject rates, and higher product quality.

  • Frekote® Release Agent Key Benefits:
  • More releases per application
  • Minimizes mold fouling
  • Lower reject rates
  • Eliminates rubber-to-rubber bonding failures
  • Water-based products available, no VOC’s
  • Does not require agitation
  • Excellent freeze/thaw stability
  • Minimal part transfer
  • Complete product line for a wide variety of rubbers including polyurethane